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We are a company consisting of long experienced and well trained engineers in casting field. Our vision is ” to spread the use of castings in a way that it will lead to production cost reduction and minimize the environmental footprint” Our expertise has been built through our engagement in foundry production and our participation in demanding projects during the last 2 decades. Our mission is ” to create added value for companies which produce or use castings, using our Know-How and experience, in order to grow in a fast, stable and sustainable way "

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We are the added value partner who can make the difference


In close cooperation with Original Equipment Manufacturers we use the cast parts the best way in their equipment.


Our target is to use high quality castings achieving at the same time manufacturing cost reduction. Manufacturing cost can be reduced through lower castings prices, less inspection and lower machining, assembling and handling cost.


Using our Know – How, we help machine manufacturers from designing and specification preparation, up to supplier finding and evaluation, project management, problem solving and casting  delivery inspections.


In cooperation with DOMKA, machine manufacturers save valuable time and reduce the cost of design and purchase of castings while at the same time DOMKA relieves them from investments in expanded organization structures and costly personnel training in casting technology.