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We are a company consisting of long experienced and well trained engineers in casting field. Our vision is ” to spread the use of castings in a way that it will lead to production cost reduction and minimize the environmental footprint” Our expertise has been built through our engagement in foundry production and our participation in demanding projects during the last 2 decades. Our mission is ” to create added value for companies which produce or use castings, using our Know-How and experience, in order to grow in a fast, stable and sustainable way "

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Casting System Study


Casting quality is affected directly by the geometry of the casting system that is used to fill the mold and the shrinkage compensation that takes place during solidification.


Using our long experience in castings production we can provide the casting system study using latest design and simulation software, taking in consideration foundry’s production capabilities and casting specifications.


Furthermore we can prepare the required production parameters like melting  and pouring , molding, heat treatment etc