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Wir sind ein Unternehmen von hochqualifizierten Wissenschaftlern und mit langjähriger Erfahrung in der Gussteile Sektor. Unsere Vision ist „Die weit verbreitete Verwendung von Gussteilen, die zu Kosteneinsparungen und die Minimierung dem Ökologischen Fußabdruck wird.“ Unsere Erfahrung wurde die letzten 20 Jahren durch die Produktion von Gussteilen und die Teilnahme an anspruchsvollen internationalen Projekten aufgebaut. Unsere Aufgabe ist „Die Unterstützung der Unternehmen, die Gussteilen herstellen und verwenden und damit durch unser Know-how und die Erfahrung Mehrwert zu schaffen, so dass sie sich schneller, stabiler und nachhaltiger entwickeln.“


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How an experienced consultant can be beneficial for your foundry


No one knows your foundry better than yourself. It is a fact. But, at the same time your foundry hides from you important information about its operation, performance and effectiveness.

This can happen either because you overlook things which are important because you consider them obvious, or you are too deep involved in running every day business that you don’t have time to invest in operation improvement.

Engaging a consultant to help you improve your foundry’s operation can result in huge benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • An external consultant will be a fresh view in your system and he can detect drawbacks in our process easier. Usually people inside the foundry are too close to a problem to identify it.
  • The external consultant can focus on foundry’s operation without distractions, analyzing and quantifying both causes and results delivering documented findings which will be the starting point for your operation improvement.
  • An experienced third party has access to the latest developments and tools of the foundry business. These tools can be used to improve foundry’s operation in the underperforming areas.
  • A third party can keep time frames and schedules something that is very difficult for people inside the foundry who always face unscheduled tasks.

There are even more advantages than the above listed in the use of an external consultant who will help you to improve foundry’s operation depending on the area under investigation.

In order to receive the most of the external consultant’s engagement for your foundry you have to choose carefully your partner. It is essential that he has proven experience in foundry operation so he can understand your operation deeper and faster. At the same time, he must have all the required knowledge about the modern tools and operation improvement best practices which apply in the foundry business.

In conclusion, involving a third party in your foundry can pay off significantly as long as you carefully choose your partner.